Natural spa - the wellness area in our wellness hotel

find your way to nature - find your way to yourself


Discover our wellness hotel in the Palatine region with all your senses: let your view take in the beautiful nature, while absorbing the pleasant warmth in one of our two panoramic saunas with a picutresque view. In order for you to enjoy your stay with us and relax your mind, body and soul, we have created the natural spa on the third floor. Regain strength and energy, find inspiration in nature, and enjoy the perfect atmosphere for decceleration.


Business hours:


                            mondays to fridays                       from 01.00 PM till 08.30 PM

                                                                                          (you can request an earlier opening upon arrival)


                             saturdays, sundays                     

                             and public holidays                      from 09.30 AM till 08.30 PM